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I want to be able to stare into your eyes and talk about things that aren’t important just to hear you speak.
you seem kind of awesome, idk.

you seem kind of rad tbh

you're right, i'll watch a movie or something nice and then i'll try and get my work done. thank you norah <3

No, problem ツ

my psychologist told me that i probably have something called dysthymia(she didn't tell me that i do have it but it'r very likely) and now i can't stop thinking about that and i have to study and i can't concentrate :(

You know what, take a time out (from your study) and try and do something more relieving rather than something stressful. Your mental health is so much more important than this one assignment, ok? You can always do that later and it’s hard forcing yourself to concentrate once you’ve kind of lost it, you know? I do hope you calm down and get your work done, but right now, just try and relax because that’ll help with the concentration too :)

Just wanted to say that im really prpud of you. You have such an incredible life goal and im sure you'll reach it someday. The world needs people like you and im proud to see, that there are some

Thank you so much. Honestly, this made my day 

How old are you? Lol. You seem so cool tbh. I wish I knew irl lmao

I’m 16 years old! And I wish I knew you irl too 

just wanted to say that I adore your blog and thanks for everything you do for us (lists, entertainment etc). Youre a wonderful person :)

Thank you so much  ツ

you've made me feel so much better im so happy right now i just

aww, i’m glad to hear that ^^